9/9/16: Be Nice to Mice?

The use of mice in scientific research has been a controversial discussion for years, but the two websites we read this week have presented opposing views of the topic. The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) has posted a website that is, obviously, opposing the use of mice and other animals in scientific experimentation. While on the other hand, the Jackson Library has constructed a website post that highlights the benefits and achievement of animal experimentation. The two websites are unique in their persuasive and informative tactics.

In my opinion, the Jackson Library has proposed a more palatable view of the topic. Their website has qualities that are easier to read, and more directed at the subject at hand. For example, the Jackson Library website uses a much more appealing website to the eye. The website uses text that is larger than that of the NAVS website, which makes it not only easier to read, but also less intimidating to finish. However, physical characteristics are not the only attribute that makes the Jackson Library website more attractive to the reader. The  article,”Why Mouse Genetics?”, uses terminology that is easier to understand than the more complex vocabulary of the NAVS article. NAVS has filed their article with statistics and logos information that is, in fact, very useful and convincing, but not as appealing to my preferences. But in the case of the “Why Mouse Genetics” article, I can easily find information that is useful and beneficial to an argument supporting the use of mice in laboratories. Not to mention, the “Why Mouse Genetics?” article has a bulleted synopsis of major points at the bottom of the web page. Friendly website design and organized thoughts in “Why Mouse Genetics?” gives the Jackson Library a leg up in their argument supporting the use of Mice in Laboratories.

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