9/23/16: Running is Always Blind

The article “Running is Always Blind” has satisfied an incredible amount of my curiosity. I have always been amazed at the intelligence and responsiveness of the human body, but have not been able look deeper into the subject. However, Sam Schramski uses his journalism of the subject to provide insight into the amazing world of biomechanics. He is able to inform the reader of the developing subject, while also giving a glimpse at the cutting edge of biomechanic research and technology.5

What I found most interesting was the ability of the brain to process information and relay it to the body without consciously thinking about the action. This relationship between reactions and the brain was a topic that I wish I had been able to study during my psychology class, yet was not able to explore. However, while reading the article, I couldn’t help but think about how this research pertains to the game of golf. After playing the game for 13 years, I have come to realize how much of the game has become instinctive. During certain swings or motions, conditions change, and my body must adapt. However, a golf swing happens too fast and with too much force for any human to consciously react. So, there must be an underlying factor outside of our conscience that dictates our biomechanics. Schramski further explained how the body and mind are able to react faster than one can think through the study of science and technology. He noted that many robots have been programmed and designed to mirror human motion, yet none have succeeded in finding the natural balance of the human body. Since some of the most intelligent people in the world have not managed to crack the code to human biomechanics, I think it speaks to the idea that we are created to be unique to nature and our environment.

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