10/14/16: Waiting for Light

The excerpt Waiting for Light examines one of the most interesting energy crisis solutions in an underdeveloped country. Omnigrid Micropower Company has created a business that does not have the goal of extorting the customers, but instead helping the customers and the native country of the enterprise. The ability to provide electricity in the form of lanterns doesn’t only help the impoverished stay safe and productive, but also it opens horizons for incredible ingenuity and expansion of the idea. Waiting for Light uses the story of Jake Abrahamson to support OMC in their mission of providing power to the people of rural India.


The article explicitly states the severity of the power problem in India through appeals to logos and pathos as well as a narrative story with Jake’s interactions with the Indian people. The comparison to the population of the United States and Canada increases the effectiveness of the article. The author was aware of the primarily Western audience that would be conscious of how large this fact implies the powerless Indian population is. The narrative aspect of the story gives the argument its pathos characteristics. The audience is grabbed through the translated conversations between Jake and the natives of India. For example, Jake learns how impactful such a little lantern is on the population of India. This idea of a lantern bringing such a huge impact shows the audience the magnitude of help that is necessary for these people to survive.


Waiting for Light also mentions the ability of these omnigrid companies to expand into the Internet sector. If Internet were available to these rural Indian people, the population would see an incredible decrease in poverty, and an incredible increase in education. The possibilities of the omnigrid companies are endless. First, the companies provide solar lantern and wi-fi routers. Next, they will be providing computers, educators, or even industrial equipment to the people, and that is the essence of the article: to show the success and ability of a company that is out to help the underprivileged people of the Earth.

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