10/28/2016: Curious

There is no doubt that Kim Todd found a way to pique my curiosity with her article from The Best American Science and Nature Writing . Todd managed to write an interesting article about a subject that usually would not interest the majority of readers. The article Curious was phenomenally constructed using hidden rhetorical devices that grabbed the reader’s attention and kept them engaged in the article.

The foundation of her article lies within the story of the Surinam toad. Todd uses this bizarre and rare animal to hook the reader’s attention and support her argument. This foundation gives the reader an irresistible urge to read on. The description of the toad itself may be the most powerful grabber used in the article. Todd describes the birth of its young in a gut wrenching fashion that, as stated, makes you that much more interested in the animal. In my case, I was too captured in the topic that I had to watch the, in fact, gruesome birth of Surinam toads online. However, Todd also provides feedback into other’s curious adventures with the Surinam toad. She uses the history of researcher’s experiences with the toad to show how human curiosity can be generalized to us as a species. Using these examples, Todd does not try to prove to the reader that he or she is a curious person, but shows them that we as humans have a curious desire that must naturally be filled.

Since reading this article, my perspective of the world has changed. I am aware of the curiosity of humans and how we are prone to let our brains roam the landscape we inhabit. Todd’s use of the Surinam toad not only helps her get this point across, but also creates a work of science writing that is not data and jargon, but incredibly fascinating and informational.

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