Final Website Reflection:

This website has been a unique English communication and writing experience. I was not expecting to come to college and not write formal essays and papers. Using the website as a mode of communication has made English 1101 a more applicable use of my abilities in English class. There are very few instances in the professional world that you need to write  formal rhetorical essays, so this class focused on other modes of communication. Using the WOVEN modes of communication I feel that this website and the projects associated with this website have made me a stronger and more well rounded communicator.

Beginning with the blog posts, I think that my free writing abilities became more proficient throughout the semester. Being able to express my opinion on works of communication is the most beneficial component of the blog posts. I have found that I experience “writers block” much less often now that I feel comfortable letting my ideas flow. The ability to get ideas on paper is one of the most important aspects of communication, and my website has made that a much easier process.

I also enjoyed having a project that was completely under my jurisdiction. The website I created was completely mine to design and fill with my novel ideas. My choices are reflected in the quality of the website and I am responsible for how the website works. As the semester progressed, I was able to see the site come to life, and now it is satisfying to see my hard work pay off in an effective and applicable product.

Spinning Science Revision:

I am thankful for the peer review session and professor commentary that helped me revise my photo-essay to further establish its point, and become more user friendly. The commentary that was provided to me is below:

Peer Review:









Professor Review


Using this feedback I was able to enhance my rhetorical argument within the photo-essay. I was originally conflicted with the commentary from the two sources. My peer noted that I need a more “clear and concise” argument while my professor stated that I could expand on my argument with more detail. So, my revision included a clarification statements of what science in the advertisement made the consumers think, as well as a reasoning behind why Titleist knew to use the rhetorical elements it did in the advertisement. For example, I stated “Titleist marketing teams seem believe that the consumers are focused on quality and precision in their product which makes sense considering golf is know as the “game of inches'”. With this statement I clarified what the makers of the advertisement intended to invoke in their audience through the use of science. I think the use of this clarification strategy helped my my essay more engaging and meaningful.

My essay also had lacked what I learned is an important aspect of rhetoric that I had not seen in the advertisement when I viewed it at the beginning of the semester. The use of appeals to what people don’t understand was a rhetorical factor within the advertisement that was supported by science. I included this idea into my analysis after realizing that curiosity and wonder are important values of science and rhetoric in my Values of Science project.

One of the other major revisions to my work was the complete reconstruction of the conclusion paragraph. A key element to any type of writing is a conclusion that provides insight and brings the piece of writing to an end without just summarizing what had already been said. So I restructured the conclusion to highlight that Titleist used science to their advantage within the article. I did not summarize how they had used science because that had already been stated; however, I did note that their use of science can be applied in many rhetorical situations as an effective use of establishing an argument.

In order to increase the accessibility of my photo-essay I included a link to the video. Originally, the link was through the title of the article “Making One Million” which I realized was confusing. So, I created a new link to the video and renamed the photo-essay “How Titleist Makes Millions”, a title that also highlights their effective use of advertisement and rhetoric.

Values of Science:

The Values of Science project was an enjoyable multimodal learning experience. I was able to expand my knowledge of the available resources at Georgia Tech, and take advantage of formatting software that creates visually appealing presentations. The multimedia studio in the Tech library had available plotters that could print the large poster with high quality at a reasonable cost. The studio also had the software that could format the poster into a printable image.

I enjoyed having a novel idea and create it into something tangible. The most rewarding part of the project was having the image of the poster in my head, and being able to design and print it as an exact replica of my imagination. The inspirational poster turned out exactly how I imagined it down to the last letter, picture, and color. My favorite part about the poster itself was the mood the poster provoked to the audience. Contrasting colors and mysterious images gave the poster character and a hook that grabbed the audiences attention.

If I were to revise the poster or recreate the project, I would change the content of the poster itself. Personally, I felt the poster was too wordy and analytical to create an overwhelming sense of awe and inspiration. The inclusion of quotations and analysis of the two outside sources made the content of the poster more bland than the aesthetics of the poster. However, I still feel that the analysis and persuasion of the written material helped accomplish the poster’s purpose of inspiring Georgia Tech Students to pursue their dreams and create the future.

Transforming Tech Science:

I enjoyed working and collaborating with my group during the Transforming Tech Science project. The Instagram page accomplished its transforming goals by changing its medium, audience, and purpose. The alteration from a formal article to the Instagram created an informal mood that could be relatable to a greater audience.

Our group completed all the necessary requirements without any troubles with communication or workload. We all contributed a substantial amount to the Instagram account and the delivery of the presentation in class. I think the strongest portion of the project was its ability to conform to many audiences and appeal to their desires. With the account, it was possible to have a lighthearted post; however, we were also able to relay the necessary information about the trip. We could cover both ends of the pathos spectrum and increase the effectiveness of our purpose. The ability to communicate our purpose was also a strength of the Instagram page because our goal was to inform the public of the trip in order to grown interest and possible participation. However, the most difficult part of the project was including enough information from the original text to see a relation between the two pieces. There were posts that would not have been included, or at least as extensive, if we did not have to meet a word count for the project.

Personally, I was a proponent of using the Instagram medium as the transformed work. We worked very well as a group, but all prepared our own slides for the presentation. My slides included the introduction to the original work, limitations of the new medium, and what we learned from the project. I think we all contributed in the correct way to the project, and had been assigned the correct portion of the presentation. Overall, the project ran flawlessly and seemed to be a great success for the group.

Spinning Science:

The Spinning Science Project was the first photo essay that I had constructed in my communication career. I enjoyed blending different modes of communication to create a final analysis of the advertisement, Making One Million. Without a doubt, the photos facilitated the communication process. I was able to relate my arguments to more tangible ideas instead of having to explain or detail the basis of my thought process. I knew the audience of my essay was informed, to a certain extent, because they had access to the advertisement at their fingertips.

My choice of Making One Million comes from my passion for the game of golf. I have spent many years watching the golf channel and golf tournaments that broadcast similar commercials to the public. The science that must be taken into consideration for the game of golf is enormous, so I dug a little deeper into the manufacturing process of golf equipment. The golfing market is extremely competitive and is constantly flooded with new advertisements and marketing strategies. However Titleist, the brand of clubs and balls that I use personally, was my default choice of brand to analyze.

My three images were chosen based on the effectiveness of rhetoric in the advertisement. Strong advertisements are able to incorporate rhetorical appeals to persuade the audience. There was a plethora of ethical appeals present throughout the advertisement, so I was able to choose the man in the lab coat as one of the more visually obvious examples to help make use of the photo essay genre. More of the logos rhetoric was found in the narration of the advertisement, so my image selection was more difficult. However, the video did do a good job narrating through images. So, when the narrators were talking about running quality checks, the advertisement focused its visuals on what those checks may look like. Meaning, my visual focusing on the quality checks is from the portion of the video that has explanations of how extensive the tests for the golf balls are.

After completing the Spinning Science project I feel that the photoessay genre is underused as a tool of communication. The photos keep the audience further engaged while also easing the responsibility of the author to completely inform the audience through written modes. During my analysis of Making One Million, I realized just how powerful an image can be as a communication and persuasion device. As the author, my hopes are to help golf ditch the stigma of an “old man’s game” and help the public realize it is not only a thriving sport, but also a complex business as well.