Spinning Science: “Making One Million”


“Making One Million”

Titleist is one of the world’s leading golf equipment manufacturers. Selling everything from shoes to clubs, the company has built a brand that is highly respected in the golf industry. But most importantly, Titleist prides itself in its golf balls using the slogan, “#1 ball in golf“. Titleist golf balls are used by more professionals than any other ball on tour; however, their pride and joy does not come without intensive research, design, and marketing. They share advertisements on print media, television, and web sources. On their website, they post short, informational videos about their products to serve as advertisements. These advertisements utilize science and rhetoric to convince the viewer of the Titleist brand. For example, Titleist Research and Development created a video about the research and manufacturing of that number one ball in golf, the ProV1x. The video, Making One Million, focuses on the quality and precision of their manufacturing process, and through science, gives the consumer confidence in the Titleist brand.


The credibility of the information in Making One Million is created with images like the one above. Titleist is showing one of their employees hand inspecting what appears to be a mold of a golf ball. Since the man in the video is wearing a lab coat and collared shirt, he is presumed to be either a scientist or somebody with education and reliability in their work. Consumers tend to have the idea that scientists produce reliable information due to their education and knowledge. The advertisement is not clear, but it is very possible he has had higher education and is well equipped to be inspecting the golf balls. Yet, it is not certain, so Titleist is using scientific association as a form of ethos to persuade the consumer to buy their product


During the above scene in the Titleist advertisement, the company is proving to its customers that they invest quality time and money into their product. The Director of Quality claims that Titleist has “over 90 quality checks that go into the ProV1 and there are over 120 that go into the ProV1x”(1:14). This use of experimental data and procedure not only astonishes the audience of the advertisement, but also shows how extensive the scientific processes are to create the “#1 ball in golf“. Using this logos rhetoric, Titleist is able to justify why their golf ball is superior to others in the market.


The golf ball manufacturing process includes many fascinating techniques and operations, and for this reason, Titleist includes examples in their advertisement. The image displays how advanced the ProV1 and ProV1x manufacturing processes are. Although Titleist does not release the specific process shown in the image above, there is no doubt the consumer would be intrigued. By displaying the complex steps of manufacturing, Titleist is able to prove to the consumer that their equipment is on the cutting edge of quality and performance. And just as a car or smart phone is sold, the consumer is always willing to buy the best technology to assure performance.

Titleist is able to use science to their advantage in their advertisement “Making One Million”. The marketing team uses the rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos to convince their audience of their product. With hopes of selling more golf balls, the advertisement serves its purpose of informing the consumer of the Titleist brand while also piquing the consumer’s interest in the product.


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