Transforming Tech Science

Topic and Genre Declaration

Current text: The audience of the current text is more formal and directed toward researchers or students of higher education due to its location on the Georgia Tech website. However, the website medium allows for access to anybody interested in the topic. The website includes pictures and videos to help the audience further understand and relate to the students involved in Solar Power to the People.

Transformed Text: The transformed text of Solar Power to the People will be a public Instagram page. The new medium and genre will change the audience’s point of view on the project. Using an Instagram page will create a more relaxed and informal view of the project because many people turn to Instagram for free time or social needs, not necessarily research or scholarship. Also, on the original website, the focus was on the text with supporting evidence in the pictures. While on the Instagram, the focus will be on the pictures to tell the story, and the text will provide a more in depth approach to the project.

Timeline: Each member of the group is required to complete two Instagram posts for the page using images or videos from the website. We have set a timeline to have one post per person done by the end of each class on Monday and Wednesday (total of 8 posts), and each post will include a 75-100 word description/revision of the original text. We will also plan to meet Tuesday and Thursday to discuss each others posts and use

Solar Power To the People

See the full website from GT News here and the transformed text on Instagram here.

In Class Presentation

See the in class presentation slides! solar-power-to-the-people