Welcome English 1101!


To the class of English 1101 students that is so dedicated to exploring the world of scientific communication and not just completing an english requirement, welcome to my blog. I hope my messages and reflections bring you enjoyment and interest in my chosen pieces of literature. To give a brief biography, I am one of three brothers who are all obsessed with the game of golf. The game gives me a way to escape, compete, and spend time in good company. I went to Walton High School in Marietta, Georgia which is just north of the city, and had a great social and academic experience. My interests in academia and industry has brought me not only to the heart of the city I call home, but also to Georgia Tech. As an industrial engineering major, I am one in the crowd that had registered for this class because it fit well with my schedule or filled an english requirement. However, after reviewing the course syllabus and spending time in class, my first impression of the class has had an unexpected turn. Although I have never been a literature enthusiast or an author of quality, I am thrilled to experience an unfamiliar form of english and literature class through the looking glass of science. I look forward to meeting everyone this semester as we familiarize ourselves with the world of composition, creativity, and communication.